The book, STILL

This book, Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy, was supposed to have been out the door by Labor Day.  After all, I have other things I need to be doing, and this delay has screwed up my time gates.


Besides waiting for contributions from my fellow Lichtenbergians — doh — I find myself tripped up by InDesign, the layout software I've used since it was PageMaker 1.0.  After I retired as artistic director from Newnan Theatre Company in 2002, I haven't had a huge need for laying out documents, and usually Pages did the job for the few things I did have to do.  So I got behind. As InDesign became more powerful, it became more complex, and there are lots of things that should be super easy that just are not.

The main problem is that it was only yesterday that I learned how to anchor illustrations to text without their being "inline," i.e., embedded in the text.  That meant that every time I did something to the layout, all the text would shift to meet the new layout, but the illustrations wouldn't.  I'd have to go back and reposition all the illustrations. 


I bet Austin Kleon and Julia Cameron don't have to lay out their own books.

Onward.  I am determined to have this thing ready tonight.  If Turff gets me the Foreword in time.

Sometimes SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION can be a real pain, you know?  I'm ready for ABANDONMENT.