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“This is an excellent treatment of one approach that many people may find useful in enhancing their creative pursuits. Unlike many books on harnessing creativity, there are no exhortations to find your muse, no flowery explications on how creativity stems from Source or other woo. This is just a straightforward, engaging, and entertaining book about how we sabotage our creative work and how we can make that sabotage work against itself. You should buy it.” — from Amazon reviews

“I had been practicing Lichtenbergism for years without realizing it until I started talking with the Author. Once the book was published I was enraptured with seeing a wonderfully executed framework for controlled chaos which, and this cannot be stressed enough, PRODUCES RESULTS.” — Clifton J. Kilby III, CISSP

So I've written a book about all this.  It's called, oddly enough, Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy

It is available for purchase ($19.99) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other online vendors, and from your local bookstore.


  • Foreword

  • Acknowledgments

  • Introduction

  • Airport Version

  • Introduction to Lichtenbergianism

  • Framework

  • Task Avoidance — sample chapter!

  • Waste Books

  • Abortive Attempts

  • Gestalt

  • Successive Approximation

  • Ritual

  • Steal From the Best

  • Audience

  • Abandonment

  • The Tenth Precept

  • Conclusion

  • What to read next

  • Appendix A

  • Appendix B

  • Appendix C

  • Appendix D

  • Appendix E

  • Selected Bibliography