Welcome to the home of Lichtenbergianism!

What is Lichtenbergianism?  It's a slipshod approach to the creative process that doesn't make sense and should not work, but it does.

My name is Dale Lyles, and throughout my now-long life I have been an active artist*—and I've encouraged and supported others in their efforts as well.  Now I'm writing a book about how I and my friends began to achieve our creative goals by procrastinating

How easy is that?  (Spoiler alert: it's not easy.)

Follow along as we Lichtenbergians achieve world domination through our amazing ability to get things done by not doing them.  (Our motto is Cras melior est, which translates to Tomorrow is better.)

You can start by reading through the Nine Precepts (in the menu up top), or checking back as I add more explanations to the website.  You might want to go check out the blog and subscribe to it.

Eventually, of course, there will be a book you can buy.  Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy is about half done and is seeking an agent/publisher. Maybe tomorrow.

* Whenever I use the word artist on this website, I mean any person who creates any thing: a poem, a novel, a drawing, a song, a symphony, a computer program, a garden, a cocktail.

What's new

1/11/17: In a flash of inspiration, I have rearranged the list of Precepts.  I think I've fixed all the links to those pages...

12/9/16: You can buy all kinds of things with the 9 Precepts on them now.

6/26/16: You can subscribe to the blog now!