Friday Fun Resources

 Created a "Lichtenbergianism" palette...

Created a "Lichtenbergianism" palette...

Perhaps of limited use to most of us, but still a cool resource for those times when you just need an icon or two: Illustrio.

It's free, although you do have to register with your email.  (There don't seem to be any real strings attached.)

There's an endless stream of high-quality icons at your disposal and could be overwhelming—however, there's a great search function: just type in what you're looking for and as soon as you finish typing the search is done automatically.

The other cool thing is that you can get the icons in all these different styles (as shown at left) AND you can change the color palette or even create your own.

All are downloadable as pngs or svgs.

AND the website keeps track of the ones you've already downloaded.

All in all, pretty cool.

In other news, I will be exporting the text of Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy today and cleaning it up before laying out the book.

So close! (And then I really need to get the placement map done for Alchemy...)