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More writing stuffs!

I stumbled on the blogging platform Blot a few weeks ago; I will be up front and say that I know nothing about it except what I read on their intro pages. (For obvious reasons I’m not going to start a blog, so if you decide to explore and find some extra information, let me know in comments.) It seems easy enough to use.

Of course, there are other free blogging platforms, and I would encourage you to read these two articles to explore your choices:

I use or have used Blogger, WordPress (my personal blog is installed on a server, but you can also use to host your blog), and SquareSpace (which this blog is hosted on). Blogger is clunkier than WP or SquareSpace, and it is inextricably part of the Google-verse.

If you’re not into public writing, then check out these journaling exercises to help you examine and change your headspace. The author seems have his own journaling system as well.

A bit of the Periodic Table of Storytelling

A bit of the Periodic Table of Storytelling

Finally, a clever Periodic Table of Storytelling by one James Harris. Each element links to the TV Tropes website, and this is a good thing. (A “trope” is a set structure used by so many writers that it’s become it’s own thing. Once you see the first one, you’ll immediately get it.) TV Tropes is brilliant in its explanation of each term, examples it uses, links to other tropes and sources, just about everything. The whole site is a web of connections that will keep you engaged for hours if you’re not careful.

(N.B.: Links in the periodic table do not open in a new tab, so either learn how to ctrl-click on a link or be patient about going back and forth.)

On the other hand, what a great TASK AVOIDANCE for a writer!