More RITUAL for Kids

Here’s some more from the chapter on RITUAL from Lichtenbergianism for Kids:

img do not disturb.jpg

Drawing the Circle

In many ceremonies the leader will literally draw a circle around the ritual group. Sometimes it’s a line scratched in the dirt, or chalk on the floor. Sometimes the leader will walk around the ritual space with a rattle or a drum or incense.

They are separating the ceremonial space from “reality.” They are telling everyone present that they (the participants) have crossed a boundary and left their normal space to enter a place where things will be—for a time—more special. (Remember the Hero’s Journey?)

For us Lichtenbergians, Drawing the Circle means arranging our time/space so that we can get to work. We lay out our paints, we sharpen our pencils. We turn off our phones, block Twitter/Facebook/whatever the distraction might be. We put the Universe on notice that we’re working here. Do not disturb.

Once you’ve Drawn the Circle and shut out the “real world,” it’s time to Take the Path.