Quick and fun assignment

Here, go read this tweet thread by the inimitable Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s a charming story of how he procrastinated on coming up with a logo for his production company, 5000 Broadway Productions, which is part of the team that produced FX Networks’ Fosse/Verdon.

Stuck like most of us in TASK AVOIDANCE, he was unable to devise a logo for his production company until finally he turned to a friend to do it for him.


And yes, it is very nice.

So here’s your quick assignment: assume you have a production company. Design a logo for it.

Pro tip: ask J.J. Abrams to do it for you.

Here’s mine:

fuzzy labyrinth productions logo .jpg

I too cheated, though not as badly as Miranda did. I already had a logo for a short-lived venture where I sold boxes of yummy cookies to Ladies Who Entertain at the Holidays. I called it Fuzzy Labyrinth for reasons now unknown even to me, probably because of my intimate connection to labyrinths and I thought it was amusing? Who knows?

We’re going to call it STEALING FROM THE BEST.

It’s not even an empty assignment, since a local filmmaker and friend has been after me to work on a series of short films about the Nine Precepts of Lichtenbergianism. If I ever get around to that, I’m ready to roll with my half of the credits.

What does your company logo look like? What is its backstory? I’d love see examples in comments!