Fun Friday Resources


Let’s revisit the Library of Congress and their resources.

Way back in 1975, I and a colleague were sent to Washington to research six inaugural balls; the University of Georgia Period Dance Group had decided to switch from five centuries of dance to something more in keeping with the nation’s Bicentennial. Jennifer and I were admitted to both the White House and the Library of Congress, where we were allowed to rummage (carefully) through the files of original source material. It was very very cool.

Today I could do the same research without leaving the UGA campus ( but there’s something just betterer about actually touching the dance card from Lincoln’s first inaugural ball.)

(If you haven’t already visited the LoC, do so the next time you’re in Washington. It’s a gorgeous building and worth the trip.)

To our purposes as Lichtenbergians, the LoC has plenty for us to STEAL FROM, and if you’re going to be all legal about copyright, start with their Free to Use and Reuse collections. They’re not extensive, but they’re a good place to see what’s available.

Some highlights:

Happy thieving!