Just wanted to announce that now I have two Kid Readers for Lichtenbergianism for Kids — neither of whom I know personally — and am looking forward to hearing their confusions and their insights into my ideas.  The first chapter of the book is in their hands.

If you'd like to give it a go, download it here.  (Images are fuzzy because I exported it at a lower resolution for size purposes.) You can comment in the comments below, or email me at


For some reason, my brain switched from working on the TASK AVOIDANCE chapter to the RITUAL chapter. Oy.  This was a tough concept to explain to adults, and it's a whole lot harder to explain to kids.

For the time being, I'm backtracking to the Hero's Journey as a model for Lichtenbergian RITUAL, since it's more concrete than the structure I outline in Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy. I figure any kid who makes it that far in the book will be the kind of kid who goes ooh and aah when they discover the pattern that underlies many of our greatest stories.

And then it should make sense — and maybe be a bit of a thrill — to cast themselves as the Hero in their own creativity cycle.


More work is required.