Crisis averted!

I want to update you on Monday's crisis.

I was thinking that—educationspeakingwise—it made more sense to introduce the concept of GESTALT before that of SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION, but I was concerned about changing the order of the Precepts here on the website because it would mean having to plow back through all the blog posts and double-check the links to the Precept pages.

However, when I steeled my loins this morning to get started, I discovered I had already planned for this exigency, possibly because of the pain of having had to do it already.  It turns out a page on a SquareSpace website (which this is) can have a page title different from its "slug," i.e., the bit in the URL that identifies the page.  For example, 5. Gestalt's slug was /gestalt, so it made absolutely no difference if I changed the page title to 4. Gestalt.  The slug was the same, and all links to it still functioned.

So, huzzah.