If you wanted to pay me...

I've begun thinking how wonderful it would be if people were to start giving me money to learn about Lichtenbergianism, or even to be merely entertained by it.

I know, the question just raises itself: but exactly what would they be paying me for?  I have a few ideas, which I will list here in no particular order.  If you see anything you like, let me know.

Basic Lichtenbergianism

I've already done this, twice recently, and the 40-minute talk has gone over extremely well.  Audiences seem to get a lot out of it; Lichtenbergianism strikes a chord in most people, giving them a non-threatening, even liberating way to think about their creativity.

It would work for business groups, civic groups, artist guilds, and schools, both students and teachers.  It would even work for school administrators!

ETA: Ooh, college groups!  You should hire me to come talk at your student body!

Lichtenbergianism workshops

I could spend a day with a group guiding them through whatever they want to work on, learning and applying the Lichtenbergianism Precepts to their processes.  Content would include the talk, but be tailored to the work at hand.

Lichtenbergian Retreat

Every year the Lichtenbergians go on a long weekend Retreat, which is a RITUAL in itself:

  • arrive Thursday night at a relatively secluded cabin, settle in, share goals
  • Friday: awake, breakfast at will, work until lunch; work till mid-afternoon; cocktails, hot tub, dinner; discussion, games, camaraderie
  • Saturday: repeat
  • Sunday: depart

I could emcee such a thing for small groups of creatives who would like some guidance on their work.  (I'm also a good cook and craft cocktails guy.)

Personal creative consultant

This is the one I'd be least sure about: working with someone as a kind of life coach for their creative life.  I am in no way qualified to teach most artistic endeavors (except for writing), but I can certainly help anyone through the creative process and to get better at it.

In some ways I would feel a fraud, since it is a baseline tenet of Lichtenbergianism that every human being is creative, just by dint of being human, but I know from my experience so far that many of those human beings have to be told they're creative and encouraged to take the risks.  If people wanted to pay me to tell them that, then why should I argue?


No clue.  I need a life coach.


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