Deadlines? Pfft.

You may recall, if you're a regular reader, that on Monday I told I would probably not have time to do my usual Mon/Wed/Fri blogging because of DEADLINES, and I absolutely didn't get any writing done on Wednesday.

So how did I do?

The first deadline, that of 50+ plants arriving on my doorstep and needing to be planted, did not actually occur.  The emails last Friday that my orders had "shipped" were largely fiction: they were ready to pull my orders together, but the actual putting-on-a-truck-to-Newnan thing was not happening.  As of yesterday afternoon, four plants had shown up.  Deadline postponed.  TASK AVOIDANCE for the win!

The second deadline was creating the placement map for Euphoria, the spring burn here in Georgia.  As soon as I got that blog post done on Monday, I pulled together all my supplies, printed out each camp's placement needs, took a few ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS to print out a map at the right scale... and was done by 4:00 Monday afternoon.

As I said, Euphoria is only 1,000 hippies, so getting all the camps comfortably settled didn't take long at all.  The real deadline was getting the little pieces of graph paper drawn and labeled on a Google map—but I now have a co-lead who is a cartographer, so I sent him photos of the map, annotated, and a spreadsheet with all the camp data.  He'll be ready with the map today.  TASK AVOIDANCE through delegation!

(This is ignoring the hippies who woke up yesterday and realized that the registration for placement closed over a week ago.  I have an email open right now from a camp whom I truly admire who missed the deadline.  I have to decide what to tell them.  Ugh.  Hippies.)

The third deadline was a series of canvases depicting a stylized cross-section of an eyeball for a video touting the superiority of a new treatment for several retinal diseases over the current standard treatments.  I'll do a full blog post on Monday, but after three trips to Michael's, two ABORTIVE ATTEMPT canvases, and endless text messages with the producer, I got the six required canvases done.  Woo, ABANDONMENT!

Of course, that was Wednesday.  What happened on Thursday—yesterday—at the actual video shoot, was a hysterical lesson in ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS and SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION.  I'll tell you all about it on Monday.

Anyway, all three deadlines were successfully managed, and you should take note that two of the three were successfully dealt with via TASK AVOIDANCE.  Don't let anyone tell you that procrastination is antithetical to getting things done! #Lichtenbergianism