Procrastination update

task avoidance.jpg

I think it’s important that I give my readers occasional updates on all the projects on which I am procrastinating, since that’s the basis of the entire worldview of Lichtenbergianism and also because I have nothing else to write about.

So here’s a list:

  • Lichtenbergianism for Kids

  • unnamed children’s book

  • putative blog series (at exploring the sociological aspects of the contents of a 1984 Playboy magazine

  • projects in the labyrinth

    • create concrete base for the NW corner Dancing Faun

    • level the dip in the SW quadrant

    • create “art” to extend the privacy of the fence

    • reseed once more

  • establish a study group for As You Like It for those interested in designing costumes/sets

  • make a stand to hold multiple staffs for 3 Old Men, my theme camp for Alchemy

  • and of course (h/t Marc for reminding me) compose

I suppose I should get to work on at least one of those. Oh wait: I have to do the actual layout maps for Alchemy build weekend. (For those who were curious, I finished the placement map last week and have not complained at all about the number of camps who suddenly needed to refine their placement requests. AT ALL.)