Small victories

I was going to write a crappy post today saying I had nothing to share, and then I remembered—doh!—that I finished my jewelry box today.

A little background: a couple of years ago I bought a little wooden box at Michaels and some basswood, then designed and executed a little box to hold my earrings. (My left ear is pierced.) It was more than sufficient for what I needed, holding 27 earrings. (I only need one of each pair; the spare is stashed in another box in my sock drawer. (Don’t tell the burglars.))

Alackaday, since my Lovely First Wife and I have decided not to buy any more “stuff” on our travels except for art and jewelry and gin, and since my Lovely First Wife likes to give me jewelry, my little box recently filled up. And so I had to make a new one.

I started a couple of months ago, using the larger box that came as part of a set with the smaller one. I bought some more basswood and cut out the little slats and notched them. (I have no photos of the pieces.)

Yesterday, I finished it, and today I completed it.


Today I reattached the hardware.


The inside:


The blue is cork; I need a soft surface for—if nothing else—the baroque pearl I got for my 60th birthday. That front section is also for storing other dangly bits that wouldn’t sit in the notches.

But wait! Applying our Precepts of GESTALT and SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION, I decided to add more color to the lid:

(hand for scale)

(hand for scale)

So there we are. No, I didn’t compose a single piano waltz, nor write another word on Lichtenbergianism for Kids or the unnamed children’s book, nor think about As You Like It. But I now have room for all my earrings, plus about 30 more. I’m set.