Breaking the Circle

Eventually of course you have to BREAK THE CIRCLE. It’s time to walk the dog, or do your homework, or maybe your brain just stops working.[1] It’s time to quit.

But don’t just quit. Take the time to say to yourself and to the Universe, “I’m done here. I’m going to be doing the ABANDONMENT thing for a while. Be right back.”

Here’s one weird trick that many famous writers use: Stop when the work is going great! Stop when you know exactly what comes next. That way, the next time you TAKE THE PATH, you’re not staring at a blank wall—not only will you have the ideas you stopped with, your brain has been working on it between sessions and will be glad to get back to work.

So clean your brushes. Save your work. Tidy your desk.[2] Organize All The Things.

Take a step back.

Take a deep breath. Stretch.

Now go do your homework.


Just as INVOCATION is as simple as turning the light switch on, BENEDICTION is simply acknowledging that you’re done.

In addition to turning the lights off, you should probably throw in a little gratitude there, as well as a promise to return. The Universe likes that kind of thing. Might make it easier next time.[3]

[1] It could happen.

[2] It could happen.

[3] Spoiler alert: It will not make it easier.