A small project

While it is true that I have not been overly productive (NARRATOR: “He had not been at all productive.”), I have accomplished a few things. I have tidied up Mother Nature’s over-enthusiastic contributions in about three-quarters of the labyrinth. I’ve stowed all my burn/camping equipment. I continue to coach hopeful writers at Backstreet Arts.

And I invented and crafted a handy thing.

Two years ago I bought a Bluetooth speaker to tote around Newnan during Unsilent Night. It’s a Magnavox, looks like a boombox, but is extremely lightweight.

When I’m not spreading holiday mystery and wonder around the Court Square, I use it as a portable sound system while I’m doing yard work. Also, if I’m out in the labyrinth and I don’t want to be bothered to set up the whole sound system out there, it makes a handy substitute.

The only issue with it is that my phone has to stay within range for it to work, of course, so I’ve been parking the phone on top of the speaker. That’s fine, until it’s time to move to another part of the yard. Then it becomes a minor annoyance to pick up both and move them: the temptation is to try to juggle the phone on top of the hard, slick speaker, and we all know how that will end.

Fixing minor annoyances are my specialty, so here it is: a leather pouch attached to one of the handles.


The phone slides easily in and out of the pouch, and the flap keeps it from doing so during transport. Minor annoyance—and definite First World problem—solved!

No, it’s not the most elegant piece of leathercraft. It’s a bit of an ABORTIVE ATTEMPT; if I were to improve upon it with SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATIONS, I think I would use snaps instead of rivets to attach it. (But why? When will I ever use it without the phone?) I’d also probably try to make it look a little prettier.

Nonetheless, it has absolutely improved my life in one tiny way. I’ll take the win.