A weird RITUAL

Okay, class, can any of you tell me what this is?

IMG_7620 2.jpg

There’s this weird thing that happens to me whenever I attend a performance. While I’m waiting for the show/concert to start—or if I am not entertained during—then my brain kicks into high creative mode. (This is how we know Hamilton is pure genius: the only thoughts I had during that was that I could never in good conscience do theatre again.)

If I’m in the middle of composing something, then the music I’m working on will flood my brain with options and ideas.

And if I’m at a play, then if I’m directing a show in the near future, visions of what the set/costumes/key scenes take over my brain. It is almost as if I go into some kind of hippie-woo trance, and I can see the solutions to problems I need to solve in the work.

So this, class, is a sketch for the set of As You Like It, which I’m directing next year at Newnan Theatre Company. It came to me while I was waiting for The Sound of Music to start, staring at the curtain and imagining my show in March. Do I know what it means? Only vaguely. It is only a quick scribble in my WASTE BOOK.

I’ll keep you posted.

(P.S. This is why you have a WASTE BOOK.)

(P.P.S Auditions are Jan 26–27; performances are Mar 19–29.)