Fun Friday Resource

Only one resource this week, a mostly non-useful one, and I’m taking next week off to boot. So sorry not sorry, but I’ll be camping with the hippies. (Tickets are still available and on sale until Sunday night.) (You can read more posts about burning here, if you really get desperate next week.)

This week’s single resource is a Medieval village generator, a thing you didn’t even know you needed. I’m not sure anyone knew they needed it, but here we are in the space future.

It’s pretty grand, and I’ll leave you to explore it. I’d love to know if you develop a use for it. I myself will be using it to tell the hippies that from now on I’m using this to generate the placement map—no more balancing each camp’s needs with the overall passeggiata of the burn, finding a way to accommodate everyone. No, we’ll just lay out whatever the computer comes up with, and then theme camps will just have to claim a space when they get there. Seems fair to me.