Yet another blank book...

As I wrote recently, I am addicted to blank WASTE BOOKS. So why would I buy another one? Even more, why would I buy another one that had A DEADLINE TO FILL IT UP??

This is a very good question.

Behold, The Sketchbook Project at Brooklyn Art Library:


Inside is a flyer with inspirational topics and instructions. (There are a couple of rules/guidelines: don’t remove the barcode; don’t make it bigger or thicker than 1”; don’t use glitter (duh); don’t use gesso or acrylic (because it sticks the pages together).)


As you can see, it’s just a plain, sturdy little WASTE BOOK, and it has only 32 pages, so even an inveterate Lichtenbergian could maybe get something in there, right?


Maybe. As I see it, I have three choices. (Yes, I know I have an infinity of choices, but that way lies madness and paralysis.)

  1. Random scribbles

  2. A retelling of the Nine Precepts in a scribbly, notebooky way

  3. A retelling of my manifesto, Patterns: the language of burn layout and placement

  4. Profit!

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them in comments!