Fun Friday Resources: Procrastinate ahead!

task avoidance.jpg

We’re going to keep it simple today. It’s a new year, and we all know what that means: a whole new set of goals we can do procrastination things to!

I of course am here to help. You will want to bookmark some of these, I think.

First up is our old friend Free Graph Paper. It’s the least problematic of today’s sites.

Next up is Create Your Own PocketMod. It runs on Flash (which is the problematic part), but the little foldables it will generate for you are fantastic. Using a plain piece of paper (which you print and fold) you can drag and drop dozens of different layouts onto the eight pages. (Folding instructions are there on the page, but here’s a link to another set.)

PrintablePlanners has a lot of options. They’re free to download in PDF format, but if you want something editable, there’s a charge for those files. (To be fair, Free Graph Paper and Create Your Own PocketMod download uneditable PDFs; offering an editable version is probably a plus.)

Personal Planner Printables over at Scattered Squirrel are nice, if a bit pastel.

Finally, there’s Simplified by Emily Ley. She offers a great many templates that are unique to her site. The catch is that you have to sign up for her newsletter to be able to download them. However, they are free.

Just choosing the right planning template for your needs could take days! Just think, your first successful TASK AVOIDANCE of 2019! Cras melior est!