Fun Friday Resources

If you're ever out and about without your WASTE BOOK, you can still whip one up out of any piece of paper lying around:

'origami' shaped book instructions.jpg

(If you're out and about, you probably won't have scissors to make that cut; just tear it.)


Presto! Eight pages to scribble on, and it fits in the palm of your hand. (If you've used a blank piece of paper, you can flip it inside out for another eight pages.)

I used to use this little booklet idea to teach elementary students how to take notes or to write a story: faced with a blank sheet of paper, most of us freeze up, but who can't scribble eight sentences, one on a page?

Now I'm using it down at Backstreet Arts to help the adults there to overcome their fear of the ABORTIVE ATTEMPT: I made some booklets preprinted with prompts about their favorite toy.  Easy to think about and easy to jot down non-threatening notes, all of which prompt other memories and other notes, leading straight into SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION.

I also used to teach the elementary kids some rudimentary pop-up book techniques. Here, have some:

There are also quite a few nifty books on the topic.  Here are the ones I own:

There are a lot of similar books available at most craft stores; these mostly focus on making your own pop-up cards.

And here are two that I have which I don't think you were expecting:

Take One  , Withers

Take One, Withers

Both come with CD-ROMs of all the patterns, and the insides are wordless assembly diagrams. (Both seem to be out of print; Amazon had a copy of Folding Patterns for $191!)