Fun Friday Resources

The Tate Galleries in London has a small collection of videos on "How to Paint Like..."  They're not quite a treasure trove, but they are kind of fun to watch an artist demo some strategies and techniques that you might like to steal. (In the above video, I don't think Sui quite makes the leap into Kandinsky's inspired abstraction — you can do better.)

I thought the first comment on the video was interesting: "WTF would you want to paint like anyone else. Art is all about originality. That is what separates humans from animals. Be yourself." It garnered 20 comments, most of which reiterated our own Precept: STEAL FROM THE BEST.

MOMA's series, IN THE STUDIO, has quite a few more videos, and most are longer than the Tate's.

Here's one on Agnes Martin, an artist I often have in mind when I think about STEAL FROM THE BEST. Not only do you get a how-to STEAL from Martin, you also get a few lessons on Martin's ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS and ABANDONMENT, warning you not to get bent out of shape if you screw up.

After all, failure is always an option!