A rut

task avoidance.jpg

I got nothin'.

Seriously, I cannot think of a thing to write about and, worse, I am completely unmotivated to accomplish anything. I have an organization's website to update, a bride's wedding ceremony to design, a burn application process to implement, and of course two books to write.

I can't get myself to work on any of this.

Part of it is Our Current Situation, of course — I can't tear myself away from the grotesque news flooding through social media.  I even apologized on Twitter yesterday for allowing my feed to be sidetracked by political posts when all I really want to do is promote creative and sell my book.

Part of it post-travel inertia — after four days of tearing around Manhattan, I'm in reset mode.  I'm doing laundry, and I'm about to go mow the grass; maybe that will help.

On a positive note, meet my new Waste Books:


I got these at MOMA last Saturday. They are tactilely attractive. The two in the back have the smoothest, silkiest covers and paper I've ever stroked, and yes I know how that sounds. The sets of notebooks have lined paper. All those were incredibly cheap: I got the lot for less than $15. No, I have no idea what use I have for them. Reason not the need...

The one in the front...


...it's pages are exactly like the cover.


I bought this as a direct challenge to myself: surely I can doodle an inch and a half square every day without too much anxiety or procrastination?


We'll see. Small steps. Let's go see if the washer is through.