So... hire me.

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I am away camping with the hippies this week at Euphoria; I wrote this last week and scheduled it to be posted this morning; that is all.

While I am away camping with the hippies, you should give serious consideration to giving me money to talk to your group, whether it's an arts-oriented organization, a school group (up to and including teachers/principals/central office staff), or a business team.

I'm good at it, I'm engaging, I'm funny, and the Nine Precepts are actually eye-opening to most of your peers.  But you already know that, having read the book and put them into practice yourself.

Make me an offer.  I can make almost anything work as long as I don't end up paying for it myself, i.e., I'd probably do it even if it's just you covering my travel expenses and/or allowing to sell my book to your folks.

So make me an offer.