Failure to Waste

waste book altered.jpg

I have a confession to make: I don't use my WASTE BOOK like I should.

Yes, I scribble things I need to remember into it, and if I have an idea I'll write that down, usually, but recently I noticed that I haven't been using it to generate ideas.

Instead, my WASTE BOOK has become just another blank page that instills that fear we all face when we can't think of anything to write/compose/paint.  This is unacceptable.

How should I be using it?  I should free write, do morning pages, commit some execrable ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS to paper — anything, in fact, to break that barrier.  I should be filling it up with dreck.

As Lichtenberg says, "I have jotted down a host of little thoughts and sketches, but they are awaiting not so much a final revision as a few more glimpses of the sun that will make them blossom."  And not all of them will blossom.

Full disclosure: having just finished Peter & the Starcatcher and with no definite creative project on my plate, my brain is not in the producing mode.  Still, if nothing else, I could come up with topics for this blog to have on hand when I need them — perhaps that will be my next brain dump into the WASTE BOOK.