Fun Friday Resource

Several nifty resources this week, so I'll try to keep it short.

weird tales.jpg

The Metropolitan Museum has half a million objects for you to play with.  Finding what you need is a bit of a struggle, but serendipity never hurt anyone.  TASK AVOIDANCE is the name of the game, after all.

Our friends at have a treasure trove of pulp fiction.  These are not just the covers, folks, they're the entire magazines, and they're cherce, as we used to say back in the day. I read an entire issue of Captain Billy's Whiz Bang and I will admit I laughed out lout more than once: "After a dame has paid eight bucks for a pair of stockings, you can't blame her for showing $7.50 worth of them." (Aug 1922)

(That pulp's title nagged at me: I knew I had heard of it, and I was pretty sure it was in a song — a little research reminded me: it's from The Music Man, one of the catalog of woes in "Ya Got Trouble.")

Now for something completely different: do you need a soundtrack for your goofy YouTube video?  Here you go.

And finally, are you still unsure of the difference between liquid funk, neurofunk, and future bass? You can discern the difference* at the Music Map, a mind-bogglingly complete index of All The (contemporary rock/rap) Music, with playlists and everything.  I encourage you to explore the menu on the left; how else will you discover the relationship between "Chemical Breaks & Big Beat" and "Trip Hop"?

 —  —  —

* Just kidding.  They all sound the same.