Everything ends

The stage of Newnan Theatre Company, once again painted black.

The stage of Newnan Theatre Company, once again painted black.

"Nothing is forever.  That's the rule. Everything ends."

Thus our narrators tell us at the beginning of Peter & the Starcatcher, and anyone who has ever created theatre understands the painful truth: we create a world, an entire universe, that lasts only a brief while and which we then release into memory.

Peter & the Starcatcher is one of the best scripts I have ever worked on, and the cast was one of the best I was ever blessed with.  Do I mean that the show was perfect?  Far from it.  There are a handful of things I would improve upon had I the chance to do so:

  • Re-choreograph the entrance of the leaf shields for the scene where Peter and the boys get lost in the jungle, so that they enter and weave about as the boys come down the mountain
  • Taller fulcrum for the seesaw that lets Molly levitate, so that she can levitate higher
  • Try harder (and earlier) to create the green island wings so that we could have that explosion of light and color at the end of Act 1
  • Explore more specific rhythms of some lines to exploit the laughs that I thought we missed
  • Find another solution to the jungle storm rather than the umbrellas we used; it never looked right to me
  • Figure out how to quash the audience's impulse to laugh on Stache's line at the end about children being "rude and juvenile and heartless"
  • Win the lottery to replace NTC's aging and inadequate lighting system

As I hope you can tell, this is not a list of failures, merely SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATIONS that would have been nice to accomplish.  Peter was an amazing experience for us and for our audiences, and there's only so much I can say about it before I become maudlin and boring.  So I'll just say: you should have been there.