Lichtenbergian Precepts: Ritual, part 3

shape of ritual annotated.jpg

We’re in the middle of what has turned into an extended discussion of the Lichtenbergian Precept of RITUAL. Really, guys, it would be easier just to buy the book and read the chapter.

After our INVOCATION, we’re ready to DRAW THE CIRCLE. I’m sure this sounds like some pagan ritual (which it would be), but the concept is simple: you create a safe space for your work.

You set aside a time/day for your work. You have a particular place to work in. You set up your palette, or write ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS at the top of your paper, or practice a few scales to limber up the fingers. All of these are DRAWING THE CIRCLE.

It’s every artist’s dream to have that study, studio, or cabin where you can retreat to and close the door. There, free from all interruptions, you will do the work.

Sure, it could happen.

But for most of us, we have to grab that space where we can. That’s why having the concept of DRAWING THE CIRCLE is a critical part of your creative process: make it easier on yourself by finding the time and place that works for you, then protect that time and space.