Update on a stalled project


Look at that desk. Doesn’t it look organized? Doesn’t it look like the desk of someone who is steadily producing? Like a common Austin Kleon or something?


This is the desk of a person so stalled out, so dead in the water, that he actually cleared off that desk and forced himself to work on a project everybody on the planet forgot about (If they ever knew about it).

I am referring to the 50 Postcards Project, something I created to keep me busy back at the beginning of the year and then didn’t. The concept was simple: I would create a postcard every week, some kind of random collage/illustration about the creative process, usually based on the Nine Precepts. Readers of this blog were given the opportunity to put their name on a list to receive one of these.

The plan was also to create some of these to serve as ready-to-go images for Twitter; I scanned each of them into a database for future reference.

This lasted for about a month before I just stopped. I was busy directing Peter & the Starcatcher, but I wasn’t that busy, and Starcatcher was over in March. Plus, I’m lazy.

At any rate, no one’s received a postcard, I only have six postcards made, and there are six weeks left in the year. I should go ahead and finish this, yes? I mean… fifty minus six divided by six carry the one divide by zero… That’s only a new postcard every day, right?

I’ll keep you posted. Cras melior est.