Progress, of sorts


I’m starting to pick up the threads of my creative life (after the event horizon of Alchemy) and have been pleasantly surprised to find that Lichtenbergianism for Kids is much closer to a finished first draft than I remembered. (And by ‘first draft’ I of course mean one huge ABORTIVE ATTEMPT.)

My system of attack is pretty simple: take a copy of the book and highlight all the critical ideas that I want to include in the much shorter/simplified kid version, then rewrite the entire thing. Easy enough, right?

I’m also including more concrete illustrations of the concepts, with more hand-holding and how-to’s than in the original, because children under the age of 16 or so do not have the ability to grok abstractions as well as they do hands-on instructions.

So where are we? I’m in the middle of decocting AUDIENCE, then there’s ABANDONMENT, and then the great trials of pulling it all together will begin. Wish I had stuck to my plan to have this done by the end of August — this would make a great Christmas present…