Having gotten past that event horizon of Alchemy, I’m now ready to begin seriously procrastinating on multiple projects.

What I could be working on…

What I could be working on…

Here we see representations of ideas of beginnings, beginnings of ideas, vague notions, false starts, ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS, and even a couple of ABANDONMENTS:

  • Lichtenbergianism for Kids

  • the cocktails book

  • Seven Dreams of Falling; I finished the music for Dream One and have not touched it for a couple of years

  • SUN TRUE FIRE; in a perpetual state of ABANDONMENT

  • Breakdown, a series of booklets giving instruction on constructing deep listening activities, which I want to turn into an art project for a burn

  • small music project (not shown): I think that I shall get back into composing by doing small piano waltzes, or maybe a small suite of new age fluff

But before I can do all that, I have to emerge from clean-up mode:


These are the ‘long walls’ of the labyrinth, the four strips of muslin that wind their way from the entrances to the center of the 3 Old Men labyrinth. Each is 104 feet long, and they can represent the amount of unpacking/cleaning/repacking I have to do with all the stuff that goes with me to Camp With the Hippies™ twice a year. (The walls of the labyrinth have to be washed/bleached, dried, and re-rolled. Besides the four long walls, there are eight ‘short walls’ that have to be cleaned and stored.)

As soon as I finish this post, I’m off to clean and store. Perfect TASK AVOIDANCE!