An incomplete report

Well, this is awkward.  I missed posting on Monday because I was on the road all day, and then today I was going to update the Peter & the Starcatcher set with photos of the cast clambering around on the new set pieces at last night's rehearsal. It was going to be very exciting.

Alas, we got snow.


Remember, this is Newnan, GA, so of course we have shut down.  I canceled last night's rehearsal in anticipation — although of course I needn't have, since the snow had not begun seriously accumulating by the time everyone would have been safely home — and now it looks as if I shall have to cancel tonight's as well.

Oh well, I can at least show you what my set elves built while I was away:

torture device.jpg

I am astonished. John, my head set elf, assures me that they actually work, although he thinks we may have to have an actor or two aboard as ballast any time someone climbs up, which is something I had anticipated.

We have nicknamed them the "torture devices."  I can not wait to play with them!