Here's a TASK AVOIDANCE for you

The foundational Precept of Lichtenbergianism is TASK AVOIDANCE, and I'm always on the lookout for ways to accomplish that.  Last week, a tweet came in over the transom from Europeana, a treasure trove of copyright-free material:

So there's a contest called GIF IT UP and it starts Oct 1.  Honestly, that's all I know about it.  I've seen some of the results floating around the intertubes, clever little Terry-Gilliam-like works using old woodcuts, etc., but the actual instructions are vague. 

Here's home base—only a little more info there.  I wonder about the instructions to use "video" from the four sources; all the previous GIFs seem to be animated stills.

And certainly I don't know how to create one of these little masterpieces.  Perhaps instructions will be given on Oct 1.  Or maybe I'll have to go look it up on the interwebs somewhere.  Anything to keep from composing the ballet, right?

But wait—there's a cool twist to this.  I retweeted the above tweet:

Just a fun little tweet that vanished into the twittersphere (I don't have that many followers, after all)—and then:

YOU GUYS!  Not only did Europeana's social media person reply to my tweet, he/she/they took the time to create a GIF of our very own Georg Christoph Lichtenberg — AND to read enough of this blog to understand what we're about!  #AbortiveAttempts!

It made my day.  Now I have to create a gif.  Once I learn how.