A recommendation for artists

I highly recommend that you take up gardening as a hobby, because in terms of TASK AVOIDANCE there is no better fallback.  There is always something you need to to do in the garden that is more urgent than writing that next chapter or composing that next measure.  It will always need weeding or pruning.  It usually needs to be watered.  There is always another plant to consider.

I say this because I have begun working on a suite of pieces for Southern Arc Dance, and while I am excited to be working on the project, I had forgotten how much I hate getting started on any piece of music.

I hate getting started.  Nothing makes me want to check Facebook or Twitter more than the sight of blank measures.

But I will persist.  I will claw my way into the landscape of the dancers' bodies and back out through the gifts of the piano, cello, violin, and clarinet that will eventually perform my music.

Why look, I even added some sound to one of the eleven measures I wrote yesterday:

I also mulched the walkway to the labyrinth and the terraces on the far side, plus planted two catnips and a bee balm.  I'm telling you, gardening is your best bet not to work on your work.