Urtexts and whatnot


Having ABANDONED the text of Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy to my friends for proofing and kibbitzing, I am trying to turn my attention to my other projects: a bad TV jingle, a serious ballet, and of course, working on the map for Alchemy, the fall Burning Man-style event here in Georgia.

But that doesn't mean I'm done.  I have to make any corrections or updates to the text, and here's where it gets nerve-wracking.  I have the original text in Scrivener (writing software that I highly recommend if you're working on anything longer than a brief essay).  There's the exported text (to Word), both individual chapters and the entire book.  Right there are three different places I would need to update if I were trying to keep them all current.

Obviously at this point I'm not going to try to keep anything updated except for the original text.  But tomorrow is the deadline I've given my readers for their comments/corrections/suggestions, and on Wednesday I'm going to try to get the book designed and laid out and sent off to the publisher.  I will have the original text and the text in the InDesign layout.  Any change at that point will have to be made in both places or else confusion will reign in my literary estate.

Clearly, I'm just whining, and it could be worse: I could be having to deal with a third party publisher/editor, and trying to get changes made up to the point it goes to press would be a real pain.  Plus, Lichtenbergians who have actually written a book have a lot more to worry about than their urtext.  Censure looms.

You can read all about Censure in chapter 8.  Soon.