ORENDA update 2

An update on how I'm doing on my ORENDA art project.  [Details about it here.]

I'm forging ahead with the idea that the WASTE BOOK itself is the art project.  Keep that in mind: it's not how I started out.  The WASTE BOOK was going to be a repository of ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS, and then at some point I was going to use what I had explored to create an Actual Work of Art.

Now, however, what is happening is that each double-page spread in the WASTE BOOK is becoming like a slide in a presentation of some kind of essay about what I think ORENDA may be and how it might be dealt with.

Two more pages:

What is interesting for students of Lichtenbergianism to understand is how radically different each page is, especially in how effective I think each one might be.

For example, the first image above is pretty cool, I think, while the second one is meh.  I had an good idea for the second one, but the execution is pretty lame.

So now I have some decisions to make: do I try to fix it?  Do I try to fix it now or wait till I've finished the entire book, then go back and bring the lackluster pages into some kind of stylistic coherence with the finished product?

Or do I leave every page as a testament to the exploration I did that day, a series of ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS without any attempt at SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION?

More work is required.™