ORENDA update

You will recall that last week I began a new art project, my contribution to a fellow Burner's Power of Words.  You can read the details here.

WARNING: more than a few studies in this project might be NSFW if you squint hard enough.  Apologies—but I'd be cheating if I didn't show the entire project.  (It is for hippies, after all.)

My goal is to spend a couple of weeks working out ideas and ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS in a WASTE BOOK, and then seeing what came out of that.  Well, that was my goal.  Something happened.

I began well enough, with a mindmap of concepts that I thought should bubble through my ATTEMPTS, and my first ATTEMPT was interesting enough:

It was truly an ABORTIVE ATTEMPT—I had no clue where or how to start, and so I just drew my hand.

One strategy I encourage in the book is to become your own AUDIENCE during the process by writing out whatever thoughts are crowding through your head, and so I began scribbling.

My second study:


This is when it dawned on me that perhaps my final ORENDA project would in fact be the WASTE BOOK, i.e., a series of ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS as I attempted to explore this arcane concept of some kind of spiritual force resident within all of creation.

I've always admired creators who seem to be able to slap almost anything on a notebook page and get away with it.  So I'm STEALING FROM THE BEST to implement that idea on my own.  Whether I'm as successful as they will be irrelevant.  I don't have to be as good as them.