Abortive Attempts get me down...

I'm ABANDONING work on the RITUAL chapter for the moment to work on the STEAL FROM THE BEST chapter. (And I'm TASK AVOIDING by writing this post; I'm getting adept at this Lichtenbergianism thing.)

This chapter is one that has never been very robust, and so working on it is not pleasant.  I'm having to hammer out my ideas in great, gross globs of ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS.  After concentrating on fleshing out and polishing the previous chapters, this is a blow to my ego: why aren't the ideas there?

And for that matter, what are those ideas anyway?

More work is required.

Oh hi, didn't you know that this is what I do when I'm stuck creatively?  I take to the blog and whine about it. I haven't really done it here at Lichtenbergianism.com, but over at my regular blog I've whined for over a decade.  It's great fun.

You should try it.  Not on my blog, of course; this is my whining spot.  But you could try it in your WASTE BOOK, which is where I'm headed in a moment to work out some tangles in my thinking.