Other people's books

One thing I do for fun is design books for the Boll Weevil Press, which is run by fellow Lichtenbergian Jeff Bishop.  As TASK AVOIDANCE goes, it's pretty solid: whenever my brain just can't take any more of the chapter on RITUAL, I go work on one of the books with which I've been tasked.

I've designed five of the books on the book list at Boll Weevil and will have three more by the end of the summer, one of which of course is Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy.  (Yes, it's already listed, but no, it's not for sale yet.)

It's a challenge, but it's also fun.  I get to stop worrying about writing and editing for a while and just think about the aesthetics of what a book should look like.

How much white space is this book going to need? How wide will the margins be?

What font(s) should I use?

Where should the page numbers go?

Are there footnotes?  Illustrations? Table of contents?

How much do I have to harangue Jeff to get the back cover blurb or the introduction?

Anyway, I'm avoiding the complete revamp of the RITUAL chapter by working on Personality Matters, coming soon to Boll Weevil Press.