This week

Deadlines.  Ugh.  Nothing will sabotage your TASK AVOIDANCE more deflatingly than deadlines.

Given that this blog is a really nifty way to avoid working on other items, and given that I've got no fewer than three huge deadlines this week, we may not see anything but whining the rest of the week.

Deadlines are like the Asssistive Feline™ who, because you were out of town all weekend, decides that she will not be ignored.

Calendar?  I see no calendar.

Calendar?  I see no calendar.

Deadlines are like those plants you ordered because no one local carries lovage and when you go to order lovage you end up ordering a whole raft of vaguely medicinal herbs (Valerian?  Why not?) and enough plants to re-do the front flower garden and when they come in you have to plant them because if you don't, they will die.

"Like" a deadline?  Screw the metaphor: that is a deadline this week.  At some point, some 50 plants will arrive, expecting to be coddled and nursed and planted after their long journey from The Growers Exchange in Virginia.  My original impression was that since I'm in zone 8 the plants would have been shipped "mid-March," but a) they had to wait on a couple of plants to mature; and b) they seem to be under the impression that it might not be warm enough yet here in zone 8.

It was 86° yesterday.  ::sigh::

Also this week, I have to produce a map which tells 1,000 hippies where their camps will be located at the spring Burn here in Georgia.  Not as onerous as producing a map for 3,000 hippies like last fall, but still I have to have this thing done by Friday.  And until you've risked making 1,000 hippies whine because they didn't get what they wanted, you've never really had a deadline.

Also also this week, I seem to have been hired to produce a string of canvases for a commercial shoot.  Wait, what?  It's a long story, but a director I met recently is under the impression that I can paint and have some knowledge of working in the commercial video arena.  And so before Thursday I have to make multiple canvases for the onscreen talent to use to illustrate the superiority of one opthamologist's process of injecting meds straight into your eyeball over the usual process. 

That has to be done by Thursday, and I can't even start it until tomorrow.


Especially if I ABANDON this blog post right now and get to work on the map.