What Is Dale Avoiding Now?

It's Sunday night and I'm sitting in a hotel room trying to write a blog post to schedule for tomorrow morning, since I will be otherwise engaged all day tomorrow in helping to select Georgia's State STAR Student, a process I've chaired for nearly 30 years now.

Since I don't have time to write anything actually good, let's just do a brain dump of Tasks currently being Avoided.

In no particular order:

  • visualizing William Blake's Inn for no real reason
  • finishing the book design for W. Jeff Bishop's Agatahi
  • exporting William Blake's Inn's scores into .aiff format for the Moscow Charter School in Idaho
  • analyzing Peter & the Starcatcher for sets/costumes/props/lighting
  • sketching ideas for a piece of music to accompany the Southern Arc Dance Company's "Red Dress"
  • really really truly getting to work on the book in order to publish it by September
  • planning and executing several small tasks in the labyrinth
  • reading all the back issues of Dramatist and American Theatre that are piling up around my chair in the living room
  • creating some smallish projects for Backstreet Arts
  • maybe looking at Seven Dreams of Falling again
  • maybe using Scrivener to examine the text of de Maupassant's "Simon's Dad" as the basis for a musical
  • or even going back and finishing A Day in the Moonlight

So many options, so much TASK AVOIDANCE.

Enjoy your day.