Report on the Abortive Attempt

Last Friday I did my first ever presentation on the Nine Precepts of Lichtenbergianism at the Newnan Carnegie Library.

I think it went well enough, but there definitely some SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATIONS in order.

  • If I'm going to turn this into a TED Talk, it must be shorter.  Perhaps, for TED, focus just on the TASK AVOIDANCE precept?  Or a cluster, like ABORTIVE ATTEMPTS/SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION/GESTALT?
  • I think it needs to be funnier.  The whole idea of Lichtenbergianism is pretty silly, that of celebrating procrastination and non-doing, and I think the larkiness of the Lichtenbergian Society needs to be showcased more.
  • I need one solid "classical" example of each Precept, e.g., Beethoven's WASTE BOOKS.  I mean, I can dazzle an audience all day with my various accomplishments, but for a general audience using people they already know might be a little better pitch.

I haven't had time to watch the video that fellow Lichtenbergian Jeff Bishop made for me; I may have other ideas after watching it, naturally.

But I survived.  That's the main thing.