Shameless Self-Promotion #1

Every now and then I think hard about my path to world domination and what I should be doing to hurry it along.

But then the moment passes and I go out to bask in the labyrinth and enjoy the sunset.  With a cocktail.

There is something to be said for being content.  If I were in demand on the lecture circuit, or the hotshot author of Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy, I'd be on the road an awful lot—wouldn't I, like every other traveling sideshow, openly yearn in interviews to be home in my labyrinth sipping a Smoky Topaz?

That's what I'm doing now, so... goal achieved?

Nevertheless I keep coming back to my mission of spreading Lichtenbergianism across the globe, freeing millions of artists to procrastinate their way to creative success.  If I don't do it, who will?

So I contacted our local Carnegie Library, a downtown reading room/meeting place, to see if they'd be interested in my proto-TED Talk on the topic.  (They are both the oldest Carnegie library in Georgia and the only one in the U.S. that has been reclaimed as a library after having been "decommissioned.")  Why yes, they would be.  They balked at calling it "Lichtenbergianism," but that's fine.  Soon the word will be on everyone's lips.

I was kind of mulling over thinking about getting ready to get to work on this presentation, building off the original Keynote slideshow that launched the entire concept back in 2013, when I got an email with a press release about the event.  It described me as a "community icon," which amused Facebook to no end.

Then last Sunday, my lovely first wife opened the newspaper to a double-page spread on "What to Do" in Newnan in March. 

"Let's see what's to do," she said, and set about reading the left-hand side of the spread. 

"Me," I said.  "I'm what's to do," pointing to the right-hand side of the spread.

So here we are.  I will be standing before the teeming throngs at the Carnegie Library on Friday, March 24, at 2 pm, to deliver a brief overview of Lichtenbergianism and its Nine Precepts. You should come.

I should really get busy on the thing.


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