And now...

Me, between projects (artist's conception)

Me, between projects (artist's conception)

Every artist will find him/herself "between projects" at some point, and it's a delicate time.

On the one hand, you want to pause and celebrate — that's part of the RITUAL, after all — and be happy that you were able to reach ABANDONMENT in one piece.

On the other hand, there's always, always, ALWAYS the next project to start.  That's the very essence of TASK AVOIDANCE, after all: you're always procrastinating on one thing by working on the other — and once you've finished a thing, there's still that other thing.

So yes, I published Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy, and yes, I got Unsilent Night Newnan up and running (and a few other things to boot), but NEXT! is all that's ringing in my ears.

Here's what is next:

"The ballet": also known as RED DRESS, this is a mini-prototype suite of pieces that Paulo de Sousa at Southern Arc Dance can use for a performance in March 2018.  Our plan is to circle back around to it and expand it into its full form for 2019.  In other words, an ABORTIVE ATTEMPT. Or proof of concept.  Your choice.

Peter & the Starcatcher: I will be directing this fabulous script by Rick Elice at Newnan Theatre Company next month.  (Auditions Jan 7–8.) I need to start getting serious about script analysis, set design, etc.

Stand by for details.

Need a Lichtenbergian boost for your New Year's resolutions?  Join me on Tue, Dec 19, at the McRitchie-Hollis Museum here in Newnan, GA, for "Face the New Year with the Power of Procrastination."