Ballet: Adagietto, abortive attempts 12/11/17

abortive attempts.jpg

As promised on Twitter yesterday, here is a sound file purporting to be a semi-finished music for the dance piece I'm writing for Paulo de Sousa at Southern Arc Dance Company.

I keep referring to the piece as "the ballet," but technically it's not going to be ballet, or at least not only ballet.  Paulo will work his choreographic magic with whatever style of dance he sees fit for each of the five movements, of course.  I guess I should wrangle a title out of him so I can stop calling it "the ballet."

Anyway, after a recent meeting, we decided to cannibalize my Cello Sonata for three of the pieces, and to interpolate two new pieces between the first and second movements of the sonata:

I. Moderato (cello, piano)
II. Perpetuum Mobile (clarinet, violin, cello, piano)
III. Adagietto (working title) (clarinet, violin, cello, piano)
IV. Adagio (cello, piano)
V. Andante (cello, piano)

So here's what I have so far on the Adagietto.  The music peters out in a series of chords (my mapping strategy; I'll fill in the actual melodies today-ish); there's a blank spot in the middle; and then there's another version of the opening theme which might very well become the recapitulation/coda.  Stay tuned.