Flood the Streets — with ART!

Last week I was down at Backstreet Arts and discovered that they were busily making Artist Trading Cards for today, Flood the Streets with Art Day [Facebook link].

This is in reaction to the unbridled commercialism of Black Friday: make some art, label it as free, and leave it around your city.  Very burner-y concept — "decommodification" is one of the Ten Principles of Burning Man.  Yes, we want our AUDIENCE to pay for their art, but there's something to be said for reminding them that art is part of who we are, commodified or not.

I am reminded of BookCrossing, where you tag and release books you no longer need and release them into the wild for the next reader.  Sharing is caring.

I made a couple of cards down at Backstreet, then brought a couple of what I think are scrapbooking cards home to finish.  I'm keeping this one:

hundreds of excuses.jpg

Well, at least until I absorb its message.