A best-selling book.

Goodness, that was fun!

Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy launched on Amazon on Friday, and I spent the day encouraging people to buy it.  And they did, enough to put me in the top 100 sellers in three separate categories.

My friend Christine — who is coaching me through this process — alerted me to the fact that I had broken 100 in the Creativity category, so I began tracking that list during the day.  Then I went to look at the book’s actual page and discovered that not only was Lichtenbergianism in Creativity, it was also in  Books > Reference > Writing, Research & Publishing Guides > Writing > Fiction and for some reason, Philosophy.

In overall sales, I think the highest I think it went during the day was #1,584, which is pretty amazing.   Thank goodness John Green wasn’t releasing a book on Friday!

Lichtenbergianism peaked here:


Actually, it went on up to #41 in Philosophy which meant that at one point I was outselling Karl Marx and Sun Tzu.  Like I said, it was a rush.

Now that the initial push is over, my book is rapidly sliding back down the charts, and that’s okay.  I have now officially been a “best-selling author” on Amazon.  Woooo!

(If you haven’t bought it, feel free to go do that today.  You can be forgiven for procrastinating, after all.)