A quick Friday Fun Resource


I'm actually on the road today, so this is just a very quick little resource.

Years ago I ran across a webpage that had a list of some 400+ words, abstract terms of touchy-feely, hippie-woo concepts like vigor, moderation, respect.  It was called "Soul Words," and I turned it into a handout for my students to randomly select topics from.

Recently I reconstituted that handout for use down at Backstreet Writers.  I searched on the web for the original, but of course that page is long gone.

I have taken that list and put it into a "quote rotator" plug-in over on my personal blog (because that was easy to do there and it's impossible to do here on a SquareSpace site).

So whenever you're stuck for something to write about, head over to Soul Words and give it a whirl.  Every time you refresh/reload the page, a new word will pop up.

Happy writing!