Questions, Part 2

On Wednesday I posted one question that I think Lichtenbergians ought to keep in their heads, i.e., What is worth doing whether you succeed or fail?

Here's the second question: What is your sentence?

Here's Abraham Lincoln's sentence: “Abraham Lincoln preserved the union and freed the slaves.”

Probably our sentences are not going to be quite as earth-shattering as that.  But that's the gist: what should your sentence be to explain your life?

Mine's pretty simple: "He Made the Thing That Is Not, and he tried to help others to do so as well."

Try it.  Write one sentence that you want to be true about your life.  If it's not true yet, make it true.

"He built sculptures out of scrap 2x4s and wire."

"She wrote poems about every hour in the day."

"He wrote over 300 haiku and published them."

Are those too simple?  Make yours better.  Bigger.  But make it true.


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