Fun Friday Resource


Last Friday I gave you Soul Words, over at my other blog (because there's not a way to host it here.)

Today, I'll let Merriam-Webster do the heavy lifting.  Head over to their Time Traveler and input a year—let's say the year you were born—and the page returns a list of words that were first recorded in that year. Create something with those words.

Here are some of the words from my birth year:

bioengineering, bonobo, boonies, bragging rights, broad-brush, bruschetta, brushfire, buyback, carmaker, cash flow, cha-cha, contrarian, deli, double helix, downplay, FORTRAN, front-end loader, full-on, goombah, hallucinogen, hard copy, hotline, junk mail, market share, mondegreen, never mind, New York minute, nonaligned, off-road, pasties, power strip, rain date, recontextualize, repo, rock and roll, Salk vaccine, sci-fi, security blanket, self-exploration, sleaze, solar battery, sunseeker, surround sound, tai chi, talk out, time warp, trickle-down theory, unflappable, way-out, wonk

I was kind of surprised at some of them, thinking that words like carmaker and contrarian surely must have been older, or solar batter and trickle-down theory newer.

Here's my dadaistic poem:

Bragging rights to the contrarian wonk
perhaps we could talk it out?
but the broad-brush, off-road boonies
give extra sleaze to
trickle-down theory
give me that full-on sci-fi security blanket
Never mind
I’m taking my hard copy double helix

Have fun!